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Discover Your New Favourite Caribbean Restaurant In London

Do you want to try out a new restaurant this evening? Have you grown tired of ordinary flavours and dull interiors?

If you want to discover a full array of Caribbean dishes, rum-infused cocktails and eye-catching interiors, Cottons Restaurant is your new favourite destination.

As a Caribbean restaurant with four locations across London, we can help you to try the spice and kick of our exclusive dishes. Our passion for food and drink from the Caribbean islands is available in our Notting Hill, Shoreditch, Vauxhall and Camden restaurants.

Why choose Cottons Restaurant as your local Caribbean restaurant?

We are always changing and updating our menus to suit our experimental side. Seasonal menus and special offers are complemented by our extensive and unforgettable cocktail collection.

Our Caribbean style sets us apart from our competition as it combines the knowing nod to the famous jerk style with evolving Caribbean recipes. Try our famous Cottons Curried Mutton to get a true taste of the Caribbean, but what cocktail will befit those flavours?

Fortunately, the unique features of rum – and the variety of dark and light styles available – allow us to create fresh cocktails fitting for any dish on the menu. Come and give the Cottons Punch a go for a kick of rum or cut through the spice with a refreshing Cool Runnings cocktail.

Plan your trip to your new favourite Caribbean restaurant by booking a table today.

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