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Have A Unique Caribbean Experience At Our Restaurant In Notting Hill

Start off your new year the right way, with wonderful atmosphere and wonderful food that you won’t find anywhere else. At Cottons Restaurant, you can get an authentic experience unlike any other, with some of the finest food from the carribean, to not just put a skip in your step but also put a smile on your face.


With the sun going down and the cold winter air, what you need is a good plate of hot food to warm you up. Why not try our Ebony Hot Wings, tantalising hot wings with a wonderful sriracha hot sauce and a chilli pineapple salsa, they truly live up to their name. Perhaps you’re interested in our Beef Au Rhum, which features beautiful marinated beef strips, sizzling in a cream sauce, sautéed peppers, basmati rice and a fine spiced rum, certain to leave you satisfied.


Delicious food for all tastes


If you’re preferring a vegetarian option, we have you covered, with a gorgeous superfood rasta salad, featuring spicy mango, steamed rice, tamarind and more, guaranteed to awaken the taste buds. But we don’t just pride ourselves on our food, we have a family friendly atmosphere that takes a slice out of the Carribean and puts it right here in England.


If you’re looking for high quality restaurants in Notting Hill, Camden, Shoreditch and Vauxhall, then Cottons Restaurant should be your first choice. For more information, give us a ring on: 020 8037 9555 or fill out our contact form. We can’t wait to get those taste buds going.

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