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Come one and all, spread the news that Cottons Notting Hill launches Bottomless brunch. Join the team and bring your stomach along to enjoy our delicious food. We are open from 12pm-4pm Saturday’s and Sunday’s.

Who's up for a meal between breakfast and lunch? Well anyone who knows how they like their eggs cooked. Brunch is what you need. Brunch has become the best part of the weekend. Cocktails and early morning breakfasts or lunch make the perfect afternoon. The squad is prepped and ready to spill the tea, gossip with the ladies over some sweet cocktails, including our signature Rum Punch.

Bottomless Brunch

That meal to linger over, one just to enjoy (and possibly cure the odd hangover). Brunch, therefore, deserves to be done properly. Luckily, Cottons Notting Hill has dishes for all tastes, from the authentic Yardie breakfast, with ackee, to the traditional English Man fry up, to lighter options like poached eggs and Salmon on toasted hard dough. We’ve rounded up some of the best lazy weekend brunch meals in London, all of which will be running from noon every weekend.

We spoke to some lucky guests who got to try it at our soft launch event;

One said the Yardie breakfast which consists of Ackee and saltfish with fried dumplings tasted “very well seasoned and the dumpling was soft and fresh”. Another responded, the Jerk Chicken & Crispy potato with sautéed onions and mini festivals “festivals was to die for, jerk chicken was really really good, and the reggae rum punch is wicked''


Across the menu you're sure to find something either to help recover from the night before or a light bite with your crew. Join us for a boozed filled bottomless brunch to blow your mind.

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