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Father of Hip Hop Visits Cottons Notting Hill

Caribbean food should remind you of home, the best of which blends seasoning and flavour from across the globe. Cottons Notting Hill is not short of flavour and taste when it comes to its menu.

Many have travelled far and wide to London to dine in trendy and authentic dining establishments. You’re either blinded by the flare and finesse of the dishes or the simplicity and homely feeling.

Cottons Notting Hill got its own taste of home when African American and Caribbean legend Grand Master Flash arrived with his entourage. A man who revolutionised the Hip-Hop community and an outstanding world renowned performer.

Grand Master Flash came to Cottons Notting Hill and instantly got a glimpse into the authenticity and culture.

I had a chance to meet with this Icon and get his views on the establishment and food.

Currently touring Europe he decided to pass by London. Which in his words, he classes as his second home. I was curious to know if he had ever been to Cottons and he said “No”.

I am beautiful sign

We talked more about the ambience of the restaurant. He referred to its uniqueness and a clear reminder of Caribbean restaurants.

I wondered what dish he would have gone for, the signature Jerk Half Chicken or some Jerk Ribs. However, being such a humble person, he chose Rice and Peas, Ebony Wings with Panko Fried Plantain and coleslaw. Some of his entourage choices included the Salt Fish Fritters, Grilled Jerk Burger and more.

Group Drinks

As you can imagine they all tried Cottons signature Rum Punch, the sweetness was true to form and I can happily say everyone enjoyed and were surprised in many ways.

After his meal I asked him “what did you think of the food” He responded “The fried plantain tasted so different. I was really surprised by the panko fried plantain I truly enjoyed it. Rice was tender and fresh with all the spices on the wings blended into the meat went well and overall really refreshing.

So, the big question on my mind was would you recommend Cottons to your friends? “Yes”

By the look of the evening, Grand Master Flash left feeling full satisfied and pleased to be in an environment that demonstrated a family atmosphere and a true taste of home. I thanked him for taking the time to meet with me and we hope to see him again soon.

By Mara Mullings

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