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Getting into the Caribbean Christmas spirit here at Cottons

Now that Halloween is behind, we are well into the Christmas cheer! This festive time is secretly our favourite holiday season as this is when we all spend extra time with friends, family and loved ones. We have also been busy planning the many Christmas parties that will be happening throughout the next few months here at Cottons as we have launched our official Christmas menu with two very exciting options depending on the size of your group.

The first option is our Christmas Sharing Menu which features starters including Mini Jamaican Cocktail Vegetable Patties with Beetroot, pomegranate, coriander and salsa. This delicious dish is a perfect starter and a classic typical Jamaican snack! Another delicious dish to get you in the mood for Christmas is the Tempura of Seabass & King Prawns with Gungo Peas, Blackened Tomato Relish, Grilled Lime and Truffle Oil.

The second option is our Christmas Set Menu which features our Gluten Free Creole Mix Seafood Stew influenced by the Caribbean islands, this mixed dish features Seabream, Seabass, Squid, King Prawn, Six Mussels, Tomato, Lemongrass Sauce and Steamed Basmati Rice. An exquisite wholesome filled Caribbean dish perfect if you enjoy a Gluten free diet.

If you love your Salmon, then this is the perfect dish for you! Our Jerk Fillet of Salmon with Confit Butternut Squash, Purple Potatoes, Glazed Asparagus, Callaloo, Miso Broth, Fried Shallots.

On both menus you can enjoy our Red Velvet and Sorrell Cake for desert or if you are Gluten free you can enjoy our Chargrilled Pineapple with Honey Rum Glaze, Chilli Caramel Sauce and Chantilly Cream.

We are so looking forward to celebrating Christmas with everyone here at Cottons in Caribbean style of course!

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