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Welcome to our monthly rum club!

As you know, we love our rum at Cottons and with over 300 varieties from around the world, we thought it was time to celebrate some of our favourites!

So, welcome to our monthly rum club! Each month we’ll bring you a different rum that we’ll celebrate with a unique cocktail, created by our talented bartenders.

We introduced the monthly rum promotion “to showcase the smaller rum brands, who don't get a chance for the limelight”. The aims for “Cottons to be the home where independent or smaller brands can have the exposure they deserve. But it’s also a chance for Cottons lovers to learn something new about the world of rum.”

Join us as we drink up the history of the different tastes and flavours from the Caribbean! This month, English Harbour Rum takes centre stage. The tipple originated in Antigua in 1932, when a group of rum shop owners joined together to form the Antigua Distillery Ltd. It’s considered by many to be one of the finest blends of both Dark and Light Rum distilled in the Caribbean today and has won many awards.

Speaking on the partnership with Cottons, Roger Barnes, Director of Spirits Elite, highlights that “the rum has been a successful brand for many years since its launch in the 1990s and is one of the most approachable in the world in terms of taste, as is the food and drinks at Cottons. Similarly, I believe Cottons has never tried to dilute the flavours of their Caribbean food. This matches the philosophy of English Harbour, who are also proud of their Caribbean heritage.”

With its deep-rooted history in Caribbean culture, we thought English Harbour Rum would be the perfect fit for Cottons. We couldn't resist getting involved with English Harbour Rum. On its own, the rum is oaky and fruity on the nose, yet on the palate you get honey, guava, dried pineapple and a hint of winter spice! Absolutely gorgeous!

Roger Barnes also emphasises that “Cottons is one of London’s most established Caribbean restaurants and one of the pioneers of introducing rum to the London public. The name English Harbour obviously has ties to the UK and the brand is a perfect fit with an English establishment that offers Caribbean flair.”

Cottons is the capital for rum punches so, of course, we have to have a rum punch for the English Harbour introduction! The Notting Hill team came up with the Coco Harbour, which is creamy with a nutty finish. It has a pinch of our homemade sorrel and ginger syrup, giving it a lovely tinted pink shade that is to die for and, of course, Instagram ready!

The Dry Harbour Daiquiri adds a little more sophistication to the cocktail list. It’s a short drink cocktail that is dryer on the palate, hence the name, but it allows the flavour of the rum to be brought out more, while offering an authentic tropical vibe.

The cocktails are available at all Cottons restaurants from Thursday, 1 October, so come down and give them a try!

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