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Meet Cottons Executive Head Chef Jones Quaynor

Cottons restaurants is not short of diversity throughout all areas of the company. I decided to go behind the scene’s and talk with the new executive chef. To get first-hand account of his ideas, but also what made him who he is today. I sat with Jones and he gave me the run down of where it all started for him up until this point and what the future may hold.

From a young age Jones has been surrounded by influencers within the food industry. His mom being a pastry chef for the Ritz Hotel and his father a Catering Manager for British Airways.

Jones Quaynor, Cottons' Executive  Head Chef
Jones Quaynor, Cottons' Executive Head Chef

It seemed like the only choice for him was to be a chef. With Jones parental influences as chef’s it

only felt right to ask him if he had a favorite chef? “Swiss Chef Anton Mosimann, for his genius craftsmanship and quoting him by saying he is the best chef for the chefs”.

I could imagine the expectations from his family being Ghanaian and Guyanese, as well as they’re working for these prestigious establishments would be more pressure to find his own speciality and venue choice.

On his journey of discovery finding his speciality, he ended up across the world in Montego Bay (Jamaica) at the Holiday Inn Sun Spree. That then paved a different look to all the skills he previously developed. Some of the challenges he faced was “different cultures, language and just overall cooking styles”. He visited Jamaica, St Vincent even the Grenadines.

Following on from his International travels, Jones joined Cottons in 2019. With his vast knowledge of food in other countries and venues, Cottons is lucky to have him to further develop and grow the kitchen. We discussed more about some of the foods he enjoyed “cooking Caribbean food is quite challenging, as not all flavors go together or are tabooer in the culinary industry. For example, fish and fruit is not a common combination”. He enjoys any dish if it includes rice. Some of the other dishes he enjoyed eating and making are Jerk chicken or Pork and filled Roti’s.

The final question of the interview I asked, do you ever create new dishes at home and get your family to try? As humble as he is, he had such a Chef like response “Not really, prefer for the professionals like my mom’s cooking, but I more enjoy baking. I am a baker at heart pastries, cakes and my favorite of all time Custard with tarts”. I can see he really has a sweet tooth”.

It has been a pleasure to interview Jones and finding out there is more to this chef than meets the eye. We look forward to welcoming you at Cottons Restaurants and experience Chef Jones' touch.

By Mara Mullings

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