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Rum, coffee and Caribbean Culture

This month we’re (finally) celebrating RumJava! The Artisan crafted rums are all natural and inspired by Caribbean culture, rum, and coffee – The perfect match for Cottons.

RumJava was created in Cruz Bay, St. John, born from Java’Mon Coffee based cocktails, which represented the combination of Reggae music and coffee. Founder and Chief Executive Officer Brian Cunningham created the brand with his wife, Mindy, as they waned to create a beverage they could enjoy together, mixing their love for coffee and rum. Speaking on their quest to create RumJava, Brian explains “we wanted to create a spirit we could enjoy together while extending the range of cocktails on the island by creating a one or two ingredient cocktail with a consistent supply chain and the ability to execute consistently. While we helped bars and restaurant introduce Espresso Martini’s, we also made it possible for them to offer a two ingredient Espresso Martini shot at speed bars”.

The rums are infused with their five favourite coffee blends and other natural flavours. RumJava is proudly 100% handcrafted, hand filled and hand sealed, infused with all natural ingredients. The rum can be enjoyed “neat, shaken, or stirred and is very versatile as a cocktail ingredient whether you are making a classic cocktail, an island cocktail, a Tiki Cocktail, an inventive new craft cocktail, or in a shot. The unique flavor combinations and the aroma and taste of coffee can turn some of your old favourites into new favourties.”

The team at Cottons Vauxhall have kept this in mind and created two cocktails complimenting the flavours and brand values of RumJava… The Pumpkin Java with RumJava signature, RumJava cream, pumpkin spice, pineapple juice and a hint of coconut. It’s a winter time special with notes of chocolate, spiced pumpkin and the added sweetness of pineapple and coconut. The Triple-P is one you’ll go nuts for, its filled with RumJava cream and RumJava cinnamon rum combined with our very own Frosties cereal infused condensed milk and peanut butter, topped with peanut brittle and pineapple.

The partnership with Cottons and RumJava was a natural fit, with the two brands coming together to create the perfect cocktails. To Brian “it means a new brand like ours has arrived. We have landed a partnership with an iconic brand representing our foundation, Caribbean Culture and Rum. RumJava is on brand with Cottons as we created RumJava to celebrate a love of Caribbean culture, coffee, and rum.”

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